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SOULJAISM is a design ideology and style that promotes creative, innovative and foward-thinking designs and concepts that address societal issues and leave lasting, positive effects on ones surrounding environment. It is also a framework of thinking that promotes self-growth and fulfillment, discipline and altruism.
Through Architectural work and fashion design, SOULJAISM is rooted in community building and creating sustainability, innovative, accessible and unique contemporary spaces without the absence of art and function. The goal for SOULJAISM as a design house is to reimagine the way we live our everyday lives.
 Through fashion, OWN FREEDOM focuses on innovating casual wear for the everyday leader. The label will attempt to create a "uniform" for humanity by providing quality garments that are accessible to all in any environment that will allow the wearer to "blend in" with society without having to "fit in" and compromise their individuality. OWN FREEDOM is the embodiment of SOULJAISM through fashion, meant to empower and liberate the wearer.
SOULJAISM is an idea for everyone, everywhere and is intended to empower leaders in their communities to uplift those around them.

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